Below are a number of questions that are commonly asked about Sandwell healthy weight and the weight management development officers?

Q. Are the weight management development officers able to deliver weight management to my community/school?
A. Unfortunately our roles are strictly strategic and therefore we cannot deliver any part of a weight management service. We don’t mind helping you look for delivery staff through.

Q. Is there any funding tied to Sandwell Healthy Weight which my organisation can apply for?
A. We currently have not funding that is specific to fund small weight management project, although both our officers know of both internal and external funding streams for organisation to apply, we will even aid your application process.

Q. Where are the Sandwell Healthy Weight team based?
A. The team are based at Jack Judge house in Oldbury, but they also work remotely in your local town neighbourhood offices.

Q. Can I come to the Sandwell healthy Weight Network meetings?
A. Yes we welcome all member of the public to our network meeting, if you just book your place via our online booking system.