My Time Active

A fun, interactive programme lasting up to 24 weeks to support adults and their families to get more active, eat better, lose weight and keep it off for good. Sandwell residents who to sign up to this programme receive a free 1–1 personalised assessment and will be offered an individually tailored support package to suit their needs. This tailored package could include:

Criteria for all My Time Active packages

BMI 25 and above or are physical Inactive (do less than 30 minutes of exercise a week)
Have GP in Sandwell or live Sandwell

How to be referred

Healthy Sandwell
My Time Active
Call: 0800 011 4656

Where to go after 24 weeks of My Time Active

Other lifestyle packages

1–1 Health assessment
Personalised plan
Ongoing support from an allocated personal key worker
A number of group weight management classes suitable for the young, old, active, less able
A wide selection of physical activity classes including circuits, Zumba and aerobics
Discounted membership to many leisure activities including gym membership, exercise classes and swimming
Cook and Eat and other interactive support workshops
Online support and apps
Cycling support
Local walks programmes

Below are the following packages on offer;

Package 1 “Intense Physical Activity” (Aimed at people who want to increase physical activity levels)

Package 2 “Enhanced Long Term Conditions”  (Targeted at people who suffer from long term conditions affecting their health i.e. diabetes, hypertension)

Package 3 “Families” (For those who want to make changes as a family)

Package 4 “New Parents” (This programme is for new parents who are struggling with baby weight from pregnancy)

Package 5Online Interactive”(The offer of this programme allows you to lose weight through online applications)

Package 6 “Other Providers ” (For example Weight Watchers, MAN v FAT & Weigh2GO)

Package 7 “Men’s Weight Management” ( a service created for men only)