Weigh2GO is the new smart scale weight management programme across Sandwell. The programme is free indefinitely (libraries only) and 24 weeks (community venues) and provides an opportunity for you to weigh yourself at time convenient to you during the opening hours of local services across Sandwell. Weigh2GO is a weight management scheme that is run by you, independently or with support. 

How it works?
You weigh yourself on smart scales and your weight data is sent to your smart phones or smart devices. You can also access support online and track your progress through the programme. The programme uses smart scales and therefore compatible with wearable activity trackers.

Where are Weigh2GO stations?

           Criteria for Weigh2GO

BMI 23 or above
Have GP in Sandwell or live in Sandwell
Not currently on a Weight Management programme (Tier 2) e.g. Slimming World or Weight Watchers                                  18 years and over
Are not fitted with an electronic device e.g. pacemaker              Not pregnant

 How to refer ?

Call: 0800 011 4656
Email: ls@nhs.net

Referral form here