Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers can be offered to you for free on referral for 12 weeks. Weight Watchers holistic service is designed to help you not only lose weight, but also score benefits that go beyond seeing a smaller number on the scales. Weight Watchers will teach you to:

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Criteria for Weight Watchers

BMI 30 and over or 28 with long term health conditions

Children aged 13-17 above the very overweight (98th centile UK growth charts) children need to be accompanied by an adult or guardian
Have GP in Sandwell or live in Sandwell
Have not accessed Weight Watchers on referral within the last 6 months

How to be referred

You can be referred by your GP or health professional
including a Nurse
Self-referral through Healthy Sandwell (adults 18 and over)
Contact Healthy Sandwell
Call : 0800 011 4656 or 0121 569 5100
Email: ls@nhs.net

To find your local sessions please return to the homepage www.sandwellhealthyweight.co.uk and use the interactive map

Where to go after 12 weeks Weight Watchers referral programme?

Other lifestyle packages in Sandwell

Weight Watchers Flex® is an approach that allows you to eat the same foods as your family and friends, there are no good or bad foods – all food is included, but the programme will help you make healthy eating choices easier, whilst still enjoying treats and social occasions. There are 2 ways to follow the programme; a simple counting system to help you take control of what you eat and a ‘No Count’ approach, where you focus their eating on delicious healthy choices with the ability to include treats but with no need to count everything. You’re free to choose but whichever approach you choose you’ll never go hungry.

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